Monday, May 14, 2012

The Nature Of Bike Games

Bike games are sure to give you an adrenalin rush due to their thrilling nature. In these games you are required to control a bike. This can be done using the arrow keys. The rules of bike games are very simple and can be mastered by anyone.
Various bike games are available and each game has a different theme. Some games allow you to ride a power bike and pull daring stunts, while other bike games are racing games and you need to compete against a group of bikers and finish first to win.
These games also allow you to choose from different bikes. You can select the required power of your bike and also select the terrain in which you wish to ride. Always select an engine that allows you to ride your bike perfectly in the selected terrain. It can be very enjoyable to play such games as you can design your bike based on your preference and then test its power on different terrains.

Bubble Games: Pop Them!

The classic bubble game was developed based on a game called Bubbles which was a very popular game. These games are very easy to play, and all you need to do is burst as many bubbles as you can. The more bubbles you pop the more you score. Although this game may sound simple, it is extremely addicting as the player aims to break his own high score each time he/she plays. Individuals of all age groups find this game extremely entertaining and challenging. You can play this game by yourself or compete with a friend to see who scores the most points.
These games do not require CDs nor do they require any special download. You just need to have the flash player software installed, and you can load this game in your web browser and start playing it within seconds.
There are many bubble games available. Bubble shooter games for example, require you to connect identically colored bubbles before you can remove them. You need to be fast and burst as many bubbles as possible before the bubbles touch the ground. A bubble bursting weapon can be controlled using your mouse. Missed shots usually cause the bubbles to come down lower, and if you keep missing, the chances are that you will lose your game.
If you shoot aiming at a particular color, and your bubble hits a wall instead, it usually will bounce. It is important to know this as it can be used as an additional advantage when you want to aim for bubbles that are harder to reach. The bouncing bubble can go and hit the calculated spot.
These bubble games are set in different environments and you can surely find one that suits your taste. Some of the games are set in medieval times where you can encounter dragons. Bubble games that feature certain festivals like Halloween and Valentine's Day can also be found.

Checkers: A Game Of Strategy

Checkers is a strategic board game that requires a square board with 64 slots. The board is usually patterned red and black, but it may also be of a combination of black and white.
Checkers is believed to have originated in the Egyptian lands. Written accounts of the game can be found dating back to 1600 BC. It is said that this game was modified by the French such that it could be played on a chess board much later. This helped in popularizing the game even further.
For those who love strategic games but don't have the patience for a 'boring' game of Chess, Checkers is the best alternative. This game is fast moving and does not overwhelm its players with rules.
The rules of this game are simple and can be understood without much difficulty. With just a little practice you can become a pro at this game. Players need to devise a strategy in order to gain an upper hand during play, and this strategy can differ with each individual.
The traditional version of this game could be modified by simple changes to be more interesting, and so as the popularity of Checkers increased, different versions of this game came up. Some of these variants are English draughts, Canadian checkers, Lasca, Cheskers and Anti-checkers.

Top Free iPod/iPhone Games

Fun games can be hard to find on the App Store because there are so many that are simply not worth the time it takes to download them. But for the sake of game lovers everywhere I will share with you a few of my favorite games on my iPod so that you can enjoy them as I do.
Fall Down - Fall Down is a fun game where there is a several lines and a ball. You tilt your device back and forth to move the ball through the lines quickly so you don't get squished by the top. It's challenging. It's one of those games where it's easy to learn how to play, but very hard to master.
Angry Birds Lite - OK, you have probably heard of this one if you haven't already played it! It is largely popular. In Angry Birds Lite you aim birds in slingshots to kill pigs, the pigs are surrounded by wood, ice, and rock. You have to break the wood, ice, and rock to get to the pigs, wood is easy to break, ice might take a few hits to break down, and you can't break rock. This game is really quite fun! It comes with 12 levels.
Fruit Ninja Lite - In Fruit Ninja Lite, you slash fruit in half with your finger, 1 point for every slashed fruit. You can get bonus points by slashing multiple fruit at one time. If you let 3 unslashed fruit fall off the screen, game over. If you hit a bomb, game over. You can unlock 3 different blades and 3 different backgrounds. I like this game but you can only get up to 125 points! You can buy the full version to be able to get more points, though.

Are You A Sports Gamer?

Do you play sports video games? For a lot of us sports fans the answer is yes, and we don't even have to hide the fact that we do. We all have our own little man cave area where we play, or should I say waste, untold hours with that game pad in our hands. Whether it be PS3, XBOX,Wii, or Nintendo we all have our favorite games, some of which we have played since childhood. Some would say we never left stage to begin with.
According to Wiki Answers, 65% of all males say they have played at least 1 video game in the last 3 years. I don't know how scientific that survey is but it sounds about right.
My top 5 favorite sports video games franchises of all time are:
1) Madden NFL Football. Wow what a shock, right? It's not that I have liked each release but as a whole Madden pretty much set the standard for sports gaming. I am not a guy who can just stick a game in the machine and play it. I have to fiddle with sliders and gameplay to make it as close to the real thing as I can. No cheese!! Anyway, Madden comes as close tot he real thing as possible.

Fun Holiday Games With Educational Attributes

The holidays are about spending time with friends and family, enjoying some traditions, and simply having a good time. Depending on your plans or the holiday in question, adding a few holiday games to your celebrations can certainly improve spirits and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you want to add some online Christmas games for kids to your day or are looking for some ideas for Halloween games to add to your Halloween party, there are plenty of traditional and video game options available for you to choose from. It only takes a few minutes to find the best games for any holiday occasion.
If you're having a Halloween get together, there are plenty of Halloween kids' games or adult themed Halloween games you can play. Bobbing for apples is an obvious one, as is the old game of blindfolding a player and having them feel different 'body parts' - grapes as eyes, spaghetti as brains, and so on. You can also have a spooky scavenger hunt, but if you're trying to plan out Halloween games for kids be sure that you don't make them too scary. Of course, there are often online themed video games based on Halloween that you can add to your party as well.
Christmas is another occasion that can benefit from the addition of some games. Online Christmas games can get your family in the holiday spirit and teach youngsters about the meaning of Christmas, while some Christmas party games for kids can ensure that your party is fun for everyone. Whether you play themed games like Christmas charades or Pictionary or opt to take it a bit further, there's no question that adding some holiday games to your Christmas season can help improve the mood and help increase everyone's fun, whether you're having a party or just have some family over.

Best World Of Warcraft Leveling Guides

World of Warcraft is a hugely popular multi-player online role-playing game. It was introduced by Blizzard Entertainment and is the fourth game in the series, Warcraft universe. The game holds the pride of having more than 12 million subscribers a month and it has also obtained the Guinness world record of, massive multi player online role playing game (MMORPG) Massively multiplayer online role-playing game by subscribers. In the game, the players assume the identity of heroic, fantasy characters and explore world full of magic, mystery and adventure. To play the game the player has to be connected to the net. Each character has a specific set of skills and abilities.

The game involves completion of quests. These quests are called missions or tasks. Completion of quests results in gaining of new skills and abilities. The game is set in the same universe as Warcraft series. It contains elements of fantasy and science fiction. Certain subscription amount has to be paid to play the game online.

WoW leveling guides are guidelines and methods which help a player in completing the missions at a faster and easier way. There are levels from 1 to 85. Proper procedure is given to complete all these stages in the guide. These guidelines contain ways to cross the level faster and attain a high score with minimum requirements. They contain step-by-step leveling path and automatic quest tracking. This is a good way for new players to complete the levels quickly. The player will complete all the quests with a higher score. At times, to clear a level, player may require obtaining certain heirloom. But with help of the leveling guide, the player can finish the level without winning them.